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Coffee Filter Books
Directions written by Chia Wald

  • Card stock for the cover (and optional insert pages)
  • Cone shaped coffee filters (sample made with Melita #1 “Natural Brown”)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stylus
  • Small hole punch
  • Waxed Linen or other cording (sample required 21")
  • Stamps, Inks, Colored Pencils
  • 1. Begin by choosing your size and number of filters. Then use stamps, colored pencils, gel pens, etc. to decorate each filter. (Keep in mind that the book will be bound along the left side and the pocket openings will be to the right when the book is closed.)

    2. Making the cover. There are two options for the cover. We will use option one for this sample.

  • Option 1: Fold a piece of card stock in half and lay a filter on it so that the bottom edge of the filter is parallel to the fold but approximately 1/16" away from the fold. Trace the filter’s shape , leaving a margin of approximately 1/8". Cut out along the drawn lines. The filters will be placed inside the folded cover.
  • Option 2: Lay the filter on top of the card stock and trace it’s shape leaving a margin of approximately 1/8". Repeat the process to create a second cover piece. Cut along the lines. The filters will be placed between the two cover pieces.

    Decorate the cover as desired.

    3. Using the ruler and pencil, lightly draw a line approximately 1/4" in from the spine. This will serve as a guide for punching your holes.

    4. Using a small (1/8") hole punch, place evenly spaced holes along the line. (For the sample I made 7 holes.)

    5. Using waxed linen “sew” the book together. Any variation of stitching is suitable but for the sample I use the steps described below.

    STITCHING (Diagram on left)
    Measurements are for the sample, made with a #1 filter.
    Begin with 21" of waxed linen.

    1. Bring the end up through hole #1 leaving a 6" tail on the underside of the book.

    2. Thread end down through #2, up through #3, down through #4, up through #5, down through #6 and up through #7.

    3. Bring the waxed linen around the end of the card and up through #7.

  • NOTE: If it is difficult to pass the linen through a hole for a second or third time, use a stylus to poke through the hole and press the existing strands out of the way.

    4. Bring the linen up through #7, around the edge of the book and back up through #7.

    5. Continue as in step 4; down #6, around edge, down #6, up #5, around edge, up #5, down #4, around edge, down #4, up #3, around edge, up #3, down #2 around edge, down #2, up #1 around edge, up #1.

    6. Bring the two ends of the linen together over the top edge of the book and tie together.

    7. Adorn ends with beads and knots.

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