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Directions written by Chia Wald

This card uses a pull tab to switch between two images.

Changing Image Card template
2 sheets (8 x 11) card stock or paper
Assorted stamps, inks & coloring supplies
Scissors, craft knife, ruler & Bone FOlder
Cut out all three pieces. The card can be made entirely from card stock or paper can be used for the inner two sections.
The next step is to stamp and color your images. This can be done with a stamp positioner but if you don't have one you can do it this way:
Use a small piece of tape to hold the rear image piece (the smallest piece) in place on your work surface. Place the forward image piece on top of this, aligning it so that the right side panel of the rear piece is lined up in the center cut out section. Secure with a small piece of tape.
Use Post-its to mask off the left side and center sections. Stamp and color your image.

Reposition the rear and forward pieces so that the left side panel of the rear piece is in the cut out section. Use Post-its to mask off the right side and center sections. Stamp and color your second image.

NOTE: If you are using card stock for the image pieces you will probably have a strip where the two halves meet that does not get stamped. This can be reduced by using paper for these pieces or by using a stamp positioner to apply your images.

Stamp and color the cover piece.
Score and fold the forward image piece, creasing well. Glue the flaps in place.
Score and fold the flaps on the rear image piece, creasing well.
Slide the forward image piece into the rear image piece. Slide back and forth to make sure it moves smoothly. If the fit is too tight trim a little off the bottom edge of the forward image piece.
Working face down, slide the tab of the assembled image piece into the slot on the cover piece. Line the assembled image piece up with the opening in the cover piece and glue in place.
Score and fold over the cover piece flaps and glue in place.
Move the tab back and forth to change the image.

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