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Folded Tunnel Card
Directions written by Chia Wald

I was shown a scan of a stunning card and told it was a "Kaleidacard". With no further information I went searching and discovered Cathy Daulman had created the design. After more searching I found a very helpful Australian stamper named France Chevalier. She told me the card in the scan had been made by Annette Husband and due to copyright protection the pattern/instructions are only available by taking a class from Cathy Daulman. Since I can't travel to Australia to take a class I started experimenting and came up with my own version of Cathy Daulman's idea.

2 cardstock 8 " x 5 "
1 cardstock 8" x 5 "
1 cardstock 7 " x 5 "
1 cardstock 7" x 5 "
4 brass fasteners
glue or double stick tape
stamps & ink
craft knife
hole punch

1.Set aside one 8 " x 5 " piece of cardstock. This will be used later for the cover.

2.On the remaining 8 " x 5 " piece of cardstock stamp your design, making sure to include a focal point in the center of the page. (The 8 " edges are the top and bottom).

3.The remaining pieces of card stock will become frames in front of the 8 " x 5 " piece. If you have trouble visualizing and estimating measurements you can lightly draw the inside borders on the card stock. On the 8 x 5 piece draw the lines 1 in from the edges. On the 7 x 5 piece draw the lines 1 in from the edges. On the 7 x 5 piece draw the lines 1 in from the edges.

Stamp images onto each of the frame pieces, making sure to have a few images overlap the lightly drawn borders.

4.Erase the pencil lines where the stamping overlaps them.

5.If desired, color in your designs using your preferred medium. (colored pencils, chalks, water colors, etc.)

6.Use a craft knife to cut the centers out of the frame pieces, using the pencil lines to guide you between stamped images.

7.Fold each piece in half, matching the 5 edges together.

8.In the upper left corner of the stamped 8 x 5 piece punch a hole approximately in from the edges. Repeat for the remaining 3 corners.

9. Use the punched piece as a template, laying it over each of the smaller pieces with left edges matching. Punch the holes into the left side of each piece. Repeat the process with right edges matching to place the holes on the right sides of each smaller piece.

10. Layer all 4 stamped pieces with their left edges matching. Place a bit of double stick tape or some glue between each layer, along the edges.

11. Insert a brass fastener into each of the left side holes and open it. Use tape to secure it to the back of the cardstock.

12. Repeat steps 10 & 11 for the right side.

13. Glue or tape the cover in place and decorate as desired.

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