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kaden Books
Directions written by Chia Wald

Original Designer Unknown

I first saw this book design a few years ago when a stamper known as "kaden" sent one to me. Not knowing what else to call it I dubbed it the "kaden Book". The name stuck and now "kaden Books" or "Kaden Books" can be found all over the web. I make a point of using a lower case "k" since that is how the real "kaden" signs her name. :)

1. With a sheet of card stock in a vertical orientation (short sides on top and bottom) measure 4 1/4" from the left side at the top and bottom and mark with a pencil. Score a vertical line between the two marks.

2. From the bottom of the sheet measure up 4 1/4" and score a horizontal line.

3. From the first horizontal line measure up 4 1/4" and make a horizontal line.

4. The card stock is now divided into 6 segments. Cut and remove the upper left and lower left segments.

5. Working with the upper right segment measure 2 1/8" along the top edge to find the center. Mark this spot with your pencil. Score lines from this point to the lower corners of the segment to form a triangle.

6. Cut and remove the side portions leaving the top right segment as a triangle. Set aside.

7. Cut 2 sheets of text weight paper into four 8" x 4" strips. Stack the strips and fold to form a 4" x 4" "booklet".

8. Place the stack on top of the center right segment of the card stock, centering it top to bottom and aligning the folded edge with the vertical score line.

9. Fold the center left segment of the card stock over the stack and hold securely.

10. Use the hole punch to make holes as indicated on the diagram. (When punching on a fold it is only necessary to punch a half circle... do this by positioning the hole punch half way onto the paper)

11. Open book and thread the cord from the inside to the outside. Tie ends together on the outside of the book.

12. Close book by folding the side flap over the pages, then the bottom flap over the center, then fold the pointed flap down.

13. To mark the location for the horizontal closing slit make two pencil marks on either side of the pointed flap (on the layer below) approximately " up from the point.

14. Unfold the book and flip it over. Use a craft knife to make a horizontal slit between the two dots made in step 13.

15. Decorate the flap and a 2 1/4" square of card stock as desired.

16. Glue the 2 1/4" square onto the center of a 2 " square of card stock.

17. Place a small piece of foam tape onto the back of the 2 ' square in the center.

18. Position the 2 " square on the center of the closed book's front and attach with the foam tape. Make certain that the tape is positioned below the slit.

19. Attach beads to the cords and knot the ends.

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