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Directions written by Chia Wald

I don't know who to give credit to for coming up with this idea... by the time I started to play with it many other stampers had been creating beautiful cards with it and sharing tips.

Begin by adding a background of color to your labels. I prefer to do this by using a wad of fiberfil and Brilliance Inks. Just dab the fiberfil onto the ink pad and then "pounce" or "wipe" the color onto the labels. Use 2 or 3 colors to add depth and interest. (The sample was done with Yellow, Orange and Coral).

Give your background time to dry.

Once your background color is dry it is time to add an image. I think this technique looks best when one large image is used. Stamp the image in a dark color. Black will give you the best contrast and make it easier for the image to "stand out" from the grid created by the spaces between the labels.

The easiest way to attach the labels to the cardstock AND maintain the correct spacing between rows is to transfer one column at a time. To do this you need to begin with one of the outer columns, being right handed I find it easiest to begin with the one on the left.

Carefully peel the backing away from the labels until they are half on the backing and half off. Stick the exposed edge of the labels onto the cardstock and slowly peel away the backing until the entire column is is free from the backing and attached to the card. Press the labels down securely.

Repeat this process with each of the remaining rows taking care to maintain the same spacing between columns and keeping your rows even.

From this point you can finish your card any way you like. For the sample card I layered it onto a contrasting color and then onto a black card. I also added a little bit of glitter glue to add a touch of elegance. These cards are also very beautiful when the stickers are placed onto a light colored cardstock.

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