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Luxurious Layers
Directions written by Chia Wald

This technique has been around for a while. When I figure out who created it and what they named it I'll update this page with the information. For now I like the name "Luxurious Layers" because it makes a stunning background layer for cards.

1. Spread Diamond Glaze over a piece of card stock with your finger or a small sponge.(Brushes tend to leave stroke marks)

2. Using a variety of colors, sprinkle a small amount of Pearl Ex over the wet Diamond Glaze.

3. Quickly stipple the Pearl Ex into the glue before it dries. Use a light touch to avoid over blending the powders and making a muddy color. Allow a little of the background paper to show through and it will highlight the Pearl Ex colors.

4. Set the piece aside to dry thoroughly. When dry, tear or trim to fit.

Your piece may curl as it dries but can be safely flattened by placing under a heavy book overnight. (Make sure it is 100% dry first!)

This technique can be done on a variety of papers.. flat or glossy, light or dark. The dark shades will yield the most dramatic results.

Remember that Diamond Glaze is an adhesive and you need to wash out your stipple brush before it dries.

Substitutions: While most other clear glues will not provide the dimensional properties of Diamond Glaze they will work with this technique. If you don't have a stipple brush try an old toothbrush or nail brush.

Gather up your scraps of paper, experiment and have fun!

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