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Shattered Glass
Directions written by Chia Wald

This is a masking technique that has been popular with T-Shirt painters for several years. It was brought to the attention of card makers and given the name "Shattered Glass" by CAROL HEPPNER in the June 2002 issue of STAMPING ARTS & CRAFTS. While the basic technique is always the same, each artist brings their own style to it through their choice of supplies as well as stamp designs and layout.

Assorted card stock (regular and glossy)
Low-tack masking tape. (A.K.A. Painter's Tape)
Assorted colors of LUMIERE paints
Assorted colors of BRILLIANCE ink pads
Black BRILLIANCE ink pad
Fiber-Fill (polyseter stuffing)

1. These works of art tend to be on the busy side so they look best when layered over solid colors of card stock. With this in mind select a piece of card stock and cut it to a size smaller than the finished card will be.

2. Tear off a length of low-tack tape between 6 and 8 inches long. (Long enough to cover one edge of your card in a solid stip but not so long as to be difficult to handle) Now tear down the length of the tape to create a ragged edge. Depending on the width of the tape you may be tearing in half, thirds, or more. Use the tape to mask off the outer edges of your card. Then tear addition strips (making sure to have ragged edges on both sides of the strips) and place them randomly inside the taped off area of the card.(See example on the left)

3. If you are using a dark color of card stock begin by using wads of fiber-fill to dab on 2 or 3 colors of LUMIERE paint.

If you are using a light color of card stock you can dab on the paint or different colors of BRILLIANCE ink.

4. Allow to dry and then stamp over the paint/tape using black BRILLIANCE ink. 5. Carefully remove the tape and mount your piece onto card stock.

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