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Directions written by Chia Wald

This is another technique that has been floating around for a while. I don't know who was the first to publish it but if I find out I'll update this page with the information.There are a few variations to the technique, such as stamping on white card stock or colored, how many and what shape to use for the spotlighted area, outlining or not, and using glue or elevating the spolighted image with foam tape. Below are the basic steps. Use them as a guideline and feel free to bring your own style to this technique!

1. Select your image and stamp it onto two different pieces of card stock. Generally this is done on white card stock with black ink.

2.One of the stamped images will be used as your background. Trim to desired size but do not color in the design. Mount this piece onto your card base.

3.Color in your design using your favorite coloring medium. (It is best to color a larger area than what you plan to cut out in step 4)

4.Select which areas you want to spotlight and cut them out. (Use rulers, stencils or templates... whatever works best for you.) (As a general rule of thumb your design will look more balanced if you use an odd number of spotlighted areas.)

5. Decide if you wish to outline the spotlighted area... this helps to make it visually stand out from the background... and use markers or gel pens to draw the lines.

6. Decide if you wish to keep your design flat or add height with a foam tape. Secure your colored spotlight sections over the background image, matching up the design exactly.

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