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Directions written by Chia Wald

This is the original single layer Star Book. It was around for several years before the multi-layered "Star Book" that is now popular.

The "trick" to a star book is learning to fold the pages. It isn't as hard as it seems and once you've tried it you'll fast become an expert! A few years ago it seemed that most Star Books were 2 inches square, with pages made from 4 inch squares of paper. Now 4 inch square books made from 8 inch squares of paper are very popular. It can me made in any size.. Just remember to cut the pages twice the size of the cover pieces. Directions for completing a book follow the basic folding directions below. (Note: I wrote these directions many years ago before I had the ability to make graphics. If all these letters are too confusing for you just refer to the tutorial for the explosion fold. The basic explosion fold is very similar to this. The difference is that when the explosion fold tells you to make a diagonal fold you'll want to make a vertical fold and when the explosion directions tell you to make a horizontal fold you will want to make a diagonal fold. I've put "write new Starbook instructions" on my "to do" list and I'll get to that as soon as I can)

Basic Folding Directions:
For your practice sheet label the corners as follows:
upper left - A, upper right - B, lower left -C, lower left - D

1. If desired, color the unlabeled side of your square paper. This will be the back side of each page.

2. Place the sheet face up on the work surface and fold it in half so that A meets B and C meets D. Crease well and then unfold.

3. Fold in half so that A meets C and B meets D. Crease well and unfold.

4. Place paper face down (with the colored side showing) and position so that the back side of D is now in the upper left corner.

5. Fold D to corner A, making a diagonal fold. crease well and unfold.

6. Turn paper over so it is face up and A is once again in the upper left corner. Label the top center of the paper G; the left center E, the right center F; the bottom center H and the middle of the paper should be labeled I.

Squares "AGIE" and "IFDH" are full squares. Squares "GBFI" and "EIHC" have diagonal folds running through them.

7. Bring B to D, allowing diagonal crease BI to fold so that G is over F. You should now have what looks like a three sided box.

8. Bring C to BD, again allowing the diagonal crease to fold so that E is over H.

9. Gently push down on the top section (AGIE) to form a smooth, flat square. The back side of A should be in the lower right corner.

10. You have now completed one page of the star book. Repeat the above steps for the remaining pages.


2 - 2 inch squares of card stock
6 - 4 inch squares of paper (any light to med. weight paper)
1 - 1/4 inch wide ribbon, 16 to 20 inches in length
Adhesive; double stick tape or rubber cement and glue work well
Decoration; Rubber Stamps, stickers, markers, inks, fabric, etc.

1. Decorate the backs of the six pages with Rubber Stamps or markers.

2. Fold the six pages, following the directions above.

3.Open each page and add decoration to the front sides. Keep in mind that the creased segments will be the top and bottom of each page. Stamped images or written sayings are recommended. You can also leave the pages blank... this makes a nice gift and the recipient can use the pages to record secret wishes, favorite thoughts and dreams.

4. To visualize how you will assemble the pages stack the folded pages atop each other (keeping the back side of "A" (from folding directions) in the lower right corner on all pages.) Notice that a flat segment of each page is resting on a flat segment from the next page. It is these adjoining flat surfaces that you will tape or glue together.

5. Use double stick tape, rubber cement or any other suitable adhesive to join the pages as described in #4.

6.Decorate one side of each 2 inch square of card stock. These squares will be the front and back covers. Suggestions: Stamped images, fabric covered, embellished with ribbon, beads, etc.

7. Once decorated, place the covers face down on your work surface. Place the center of the ribbon at the bottom left corner of the back cover. Tape or glue it to the cover diagonally, extending to the upper right corner.

8. Tape or glue the back (flat) section of your last page to the inside of the back cover, sealing the attached ribbon between the page and cover.

9. With the pages folded shut, and the back cover on the bottom of the stack, bring the free end of the ribbon from the lower left corner across the pages to the upper right corner. Tape or glue the ribbon in place. Leave a slight amount of slack in the ribbon as it comes from the back of the book to the front so you don't squeeze the page corners.

10. Tape or glue the front cover to the top of the page stack, sealing the attached ribbon between the page and cover. Your book should now be assembled with two lengths of ribbon extending from the upper right corner. These can be tied to keep the book closed or to secure it in an open "star" position.

If you would like to increase the size of the book just remember to keep the paper and card stock square and to begin with paper squares that are twice the size of the card stock.

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