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Fluid Chalk Triptych
Directions written by Chia Wald

This technique is based on a technique developed by the Toy Box Rubber Stamp Company.

1. Stamp your image onto foam board using black Brilliance ink.

2. Heat set the ink.

3. Use a SHARP craft knife to cut out the image.

4. Repeat for each of the panels.

5. Using a Colorbox Stylus Tool or sponge apply Fluid Chalk ink to your image.

6. Use a tissue or paper towel to lightly buff the color in a circular motion. This is to remove and residual black ink so turn the tissue frequently.

7. Use a tissue or paper towel and buff the color side to side until the shine reappears.

Paper Hinge
A simple paper hinge can be made from a strip of paper approximately 1 inches wide by the length of the desired hinge.

Fold the strip in half lengthwise with the decorative side inward. This is the side that will be visible on the back.

Glue one side of the folded strip to the edge of a foam board panel. The crease in the paper should be flush with the face of the panel.

Glue the second panel to the opposite side of the paper strip.

Fold the side of the strip against the back side of the panels and glue in place

There are several ways to finish your triptych and they are all a matter of personal choice. Here are some of my favorite techniques:

Simply color the edges of the foam board by dabbing them with Fluid Chalk ink. The back side can be left as is or covered with a decorative paper.

Cover the back side with a decorative paper and then glue micro beads on the edges.

Wrap the edges in a thin ribbon.

Use wire and beads to create decorative arches and "handles".

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