This photo was identified as "Darnold Family" but didn't indicate which Darnold family. Right away I noticed the hat on the 5th person and remembered seeing a similar hat in a photo of George and Arthur Darnold. After getting out the other photo I made note of Arthur's suspenders and the height at which he wore his pants. After adjusting the known photo to place both men at the same level I realised that Arthur was a bit taller than George and we had our first match.

Since I now had a good idea of which family it was, I went back to check the birth and death records of the siblings. Originally there were 9 siblings. Three of them died before the age of 42, leaving us with five brothers and one sister, another match with our photo. This gave us the identity of the lone woman, Emma J Darnold.

The next piece of the puzzle came in an email from my 3rd cousin, Dave Darnold. Dave shared another photo of his great grandpa, William Jackson Darnold and just like that, we had another one identified. Now I am going to cross my fingers and hope that known images of Robert and Edward will turn up.

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