The Reception

Photos after the ceremony

College friend and Pianist - Nick, Groom's brother - Aaron, Grandmother and Mother of the Groom - Sharon.

Brother of the Bride - Justin, Father of the Bride - Karl.

Groom's Sister - Lianna, Grandmother - Janet, Mother - Sharon, Grandmother - Lila, Father - Ray.

Row 1: Nathan & Shannon
Row 2: Groom's Grandmothers, Lila and Janet
Row 3: Bride's Parents Karl & Janice, Groom's Parents Sharon & Ray
Row 4: Bridesmaid and Brother of the Bride Justin, Captain of the Bridesmaids Katie, Usher and Brother of the Groom Aaron, Best Man David, Groomsman and Sister of the Groom Lianna.

The Beautiful Girls of Chapin.. Friends from Beloit College
Sarah, Nick, Katie, Margretta, Amy.

The Bridal Party.

The Caterers.

Throwing the Bouquet... the first attempt landed in the ceiling fan, the second attempt was caught by Katie.

I think that is Nathan's butt, and I think he was retrieving the garter.